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High Intensity Interval Training | AnySports Magazine

The maximum effect at the minimum time-consuming – is this the formula of ideal fitness? To achieve just such a result allows a method called high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

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High-intensity interval training (or HIIT, high-intensity interval training) is an alternation of maximum load phases with short periods of low-intensity load. This type of training, which appeared relatively recently, was for many a real discovery, because it allows you to get a full-fledged result in the shortest Natural bodybuilding. – IU Job Hub possible time. Combining elements of both strength and cardiovascular, high-intensity interval training allows do bodybuilders drink alcohol you to combine the advantages of both methods.

7 reasons to choose HIIT1. Fat burns faster

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Numerous studies have shown that the level of fat oxidation during HIIT occupations increases significantly. For example, high-interval training for only 15 minutes 3 times a week for the “fat burning” action is not inferior to hour exercises on a treadmill with the same frequency! The fact is that in order to start the process of lipolysis (the breakdown of fats into fatty acids), you need to create a calorie deficit. With the usual training of low or medium intensity, this happens on average after 20 minutes of training, during high-interval training – much faster. Due to this, and achieved “speed” effect.

says Alexey Vasilenko

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2. Formed muscle corset

says Alexey Vasilenko

It is believed that such interval training in fitness causes the muscles to “burn”, since under heavy loads, the glycogen in them is primarily used as an energy source. But it is not. “When combining loads of different intensity, the body constantly switches between two energy sources: glycogen during peak load phases and fat – during more moderate periods,” says Alexey Vasilenko, methodologist-teacher at the Federation of Fitness Aerobics of Russia, national master trainer of bodyART programs and deepwork. This allows you to get a double effect: burning fat and at the same time strengthening the muscles.

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3. Less training time

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Of course, one of the main advantages of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the short duration of training, combined with high performance. A variety of exercises that you can use sustaplex 325, high pace and intensity of training just will not let you get bored!

4. Burns more calories.

Greater calorie intake during high-intensity interval training is due to the fact that the heart rate during such workouts is significantly higher than with low and medium intensity exercises.

5. Increases metabolism

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“During the recovery period after high-interval training, the basic metabolism increases, therefore, the total number of calories that we consume per day is increasing,” says Alexey Vasilenko. Research confirms: a high level of metabolism is maintained for at least 24 hours after intense high-interval training.

6. Increases testosterone production.

Studies have also shown that high-intensity interval training in men significantly increases testosterone production, and this has a beneficial effect on muscle growth and increase in strength.

7. Stamina increases


According to scientists, it is the load at the limit of capabilities that leads to the fastest increase in endurance, as well as improvement of the cardiovascular system.

Be careful In addition to the indisputable and numerous advantages, HIIT still has some drawbacks. What is interval training in fitness? This is a rather heavy type of load that requires a certain level of physical fitness. Therefore, this kind of sport is for healthy and trained people.

Contraindications for HIIT include:

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– diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system;

– the presence of injuries;

– a lot of extra weight.

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If you are over 55, you should consult with your doctor before starting workouts. However, it is also better for trained athletes to begin intensive high-interval trainings under the guidance of a trainer in order to avoid improper exercise and the possibility of injury, which increases with increasing intensity of exercise.

What should be high-intensity interval training? High-intensity interval training can be a variety of exercises. As for the time and structure of classes, here, according to Alexey Vasilenko, the opinions of the majority of trainers and researchers agree:

– duration – on average 20 minutes;

– the number of cycles – 4-19 Testosterone – which is elevated testosterone in men. – Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ);

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– frequency – 2, maximum 3 workouts per week;

– recovery period – 48-72 hours;

– The alternation of “light” and “heavy” phases can be different and depends on the training of the athlete, and on the methods of a particular coach (the ratio of intensive work and rest can be, for example, 50/50 or 70/30).

Begin to introduce high-intensity interval azab 500 training in your sports program gradually, listening to your own feelings. And if this kind of physical activity really suits you, the result will not be long in coming.

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